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New at the shop: Women’s Cycling Jeans


Until now there hasn’t been much in the way of jeans cut specifically for the female cyclist.  Chandel Bodner, long-time rider and bike polo player, decided it was time.  She founded the Toronto-based RYB Jeans company with a jean designed to meet our needs.

The RYB jeans are made of US milled fabric — a durable cotton with Continue reading New at the shop: Women’s Cycling Jeans


Final week to fund a coat that says, “Anyone can ride a bike.”

Last week of Mens Coat

There are seven days left in our campaign to bring our riding coat design to reality. If you’ve already pledged, thank you so much for your vote of confidence. If you’ve been meaning to, now is a great time. But if you’re wondering why you should pledge, consider this:

This coat could get more people riding bikes.

There’s nothing else out there quite like this coat design (we looked hard!). Aside from all its bike-friendly features, however, this coat does something else: It wordlessly communicates that biking in the city isn’t just for the athletic few, but for anyone who wants to use a bike to reach their destination.

Imagine you are wearing this coat as you ride downtown. You pass someone who is interested but wary about riding a bicycle. Instead of thinking, “That’s not me. I couldn’t do that,” perhaps he suddenly envisions himself on two wheels, comfortably riding to work in a look that aligns with all his daily activities. Now think of all the people you pass on each day that you ride. By simply modeling a more accessible look, could you be sparking new ideas for people everywhere you go? 

This is the core of what Hub and Bespoke is all about, and what we’ve been working to communicate for the last 5 years. The way we look on our bikes can either invite or exclude, encourage or discourage, increase our numbers or keep us limited to the brave few.

It’s our dream to live in a city where bicycles are so numerous that they’ve altered the landscape into a quieter, more social space. It’s our mission to provide product solutions that invite and encourage others to join the fun. We believe this men’s coat is one of those solutions.

Thank you for all the support so far. If you feel the same way we do about the importance of getting more people to ride, I hope you’ll consider pledging, or simply sharing this campaign with others.

ER mens coat

Here are a few frequently asked questions we’ve received over the past few weeks:

Q. Why did you go with a double-breasted coat design? 

A. Aside from referencing the classic look of a pea coat, the double-breasted cut affords a highly functional benefit on the bike: Continue reading Final week to fund a coat that says, “Anyone can ride a bike.”

Our Men’s Riding Coat: Crowdfunding Now. Kickoff Party Next Week.

Mens-Coat-AnnouncementWe are very excited to announce our newest product: The Men’s Riding Coat. As mentioned a few weeks ago, we’ve launched a crowd-funding campaign to produce this coat, which is the latest product under our own label and the men’s version of the women’s coat we introduced last year. You can see our campaign video below and read about the kickoff party we’re hosting next week.

As with the women’s version, the Men’s Riding Coat is designed for the bike commute and styled for the city. Several features make it a functional outerwear piece for urban rides:  Continue reading Our Men’s Riding Coat: Crowdfunding Now. Kickoff Party Next Week.

Seattle wins design contest for urban bike

The Denny features automatic gears, turn signals, a brake light, and handlebars that convert to a U-Lock.

We’re late to the party with this one since the contest is already over, but we’re sharing anyway in case you missed it because it’s pretty cool. And because Seattle won!  Continue reading Seattle wins design contest for urban bike

This September: We’re crowd-funding for our new Men’s Riding Coat

Hub and Bespoke Men's Riding Coat

We’re excited to give you an important heads up about Hub and Bespoke:

  1. We’re putting the finishing touches on a men’s version of our waterproof Riding Coat.
  2. We’re launching a campaign on Crowd Supply* to fund it (you can check out the sneak peak page here).

The Women’s Riding Coat we launched last year was very well received (yay and thanks!), and it wasn’t long before we started hearing, “When’s the men’s version coming out?” Well, here it is!  Continue reading This September: We’re crowd-funding for our new Men’s Riding Coat

Why we love Philosophy bags

Philosophy pannier
The leather straps on Philosophy panniers snap on and off, so you don’t have to fool with the buckles.

If you’ve ever visited the shop looking for panniers, you’ve probably heard us talk about the Philosophy Bag Co. brand. We’ve stocked their panniers and backpacks for the last four years and have sold several to bicyclists looking for beautiful, functional cargo management. This is a quick post about what sets these bags apart.  Continue reading Why we love Philosophy bags

A Better Way to Offer Bike Parking?

I think, finally, a good answer to the cyclist conundrum – a lock sturdy enough to deter most bike thieves that doesn’t weigh you down. publock

The PubLock is a heavy-duty, public-use bicycle locking station. It is designed to retrofit to existing bicycle racks and can be accessed by riders with RFID cards.

If the city installed these and charged for the personal RFID cards, maybe it could even self-fund installation?  Having had a bike stolen from the downtown public library, I am in!