New at the shop: Women’s Cycling Jeans


Until now there hasn’t been much in the way of jeans cut specifically for the female cyclist.  Chandel Bodner, long-time rider and bike polo player, decided it was time.  She founded the Toronto-based RYB Jeans company with a jean designed to meet our needs.

The RYB jeans are made of US milled fabric — a durable cotton with polyester denim, with spandex for stretch.  They are cut high in the back, feature a gusseted crotch with no center seam, and have deeper front pockets so you don’t lose your keys on the ride. Other features include reflective accents, an integrated lock holder to keep your pocket free, and reinforced belt loops that are in it for the long haul.

A year ago we pledge in support of an Indiegogo campaign for the first production run of the jeans.  We finally got ’em in stock.

Just what you’ve been looking for, maybe?


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