Telaio – bespoke men’s wool trousers tailored for performance

Telaio bespoke wool trousers

We formally met designer and owner of Telaio, Katharine Andrews, not long after we opened our shop in May. Coincidentally, at the time I was about to come looking for her. I had seen Katharine’s final portfolio project she produced to complete her degree in apparel design at Seattle Central Community College. And that was in 2008! I had not forgotten. That’s how terrific it was.

Since graduating, she’s been refining her men’s wear bicycle trouser. Her wool knickers and trousers pay tribute to a pre-spandex bicycling era while addressing all the aesthetic and functional needs of today’s man looking to use his cycle to get him places.

Through Hub and Bespoke, Telaio offers a trouser in 3 woolen fabrics that can be custom made to your final specifications. We have a set of ‘fit samples’ from which we mark the desired inseam (from knicker to full length). Katharine then builds the trouser in about a week or so. We are proud to make Telaio’s locally-made, high-quality trousers available to our city cyclist.


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