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Changing Gears at Hub and Bespoke

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We are closing our doors at the Fremont shop on December 31st.

We did not make this decision easily. In so many ways, the Seattle storefront in Fremont has fulfilled our dream of contributing to the Seattle urban bicycle community. Sadly, after four and a half years, we have not been able to make the storefront viable enough to support us.

Our plan is to keep the Hub and Bespoke brand going via our website portal.

While the storefront focused on both men and women, Hub and Bespoke’s original mission was Continue reading Changing Gears at Hub and Bespoke


Final week to fund a coat that says, “Anyone can ride a bike.”

Last week of Mens Coat

There are seven days left in our campaign to bring our riding coat design to reality. If you’ve already pledged, thank you so much for your vote of confidence. If you’ve been meaning to, now is a great time. But if you’re wondering why you should pledge, consider this:

This coat could get more people riding bikes.

There’s nothing else out there quite like this coat design (we looked hard!). Aside from all its bike-friendly features, however, this coat does something else: It wordlessly communicates that biking in the city isn’t just for the athletic few, but for anyone who wants to use a bike to reach their destination.

Imagine you are wearing this coat as you ride downtown. You pass someone who is interested but wary about riding a bicycle. Instead of thinking, “That’s not me. I couldn’t do that,” perhaps he suddenly envisions himself on two wheels, comfortably riding to work in a look that aligns with all his daily activities. Now think of all the people you pass on each day that you ride. By simply modeling a more accessible look, could you be sparking new ideas for people everywhere you go? 

This is the core of what Hub and Bespoke is all about, and what we’ve been working to communicate for the last 5 years. The way we look on our bikes can either invite or exclude, encourage or discourage, increase our numbers or keep us limited to the brave few.

It’s our dream to live in a city where bicycles are so numerous that they’ve altered the landscape into a quieter, more social space. It’s our mission to provide product solutions that invite and encourage others to join the fun. We believe this men’s coat is one of those solutions.

Thank you for all the support so far. If you feel the same way we do about the importance of getting more people to ride, I hope you’ll consider pledging, or simply sharing this campaign with others.

ER mens coat

Here are a few frequently asked questions we’ve received over the past few weeks:

Q. Why did you go with a double-breasted coat design? 

A. Aside from referencing the classic look of a pea coat, the double-breasted cut affords a highly functional benefit on the bike: Continue reading Final week to fund a coat that says, “Anyone can ride a bike.”

Pictures from our Men’s Riding Coat party

We broke out the fans and spray bottles to capture the Men's Riding Coat in all its glam-shot glory.
Models brought their steeliest looks, and we broke out the fans and spray bottles to capture the Men’s Riding Coat in all its glam-shot glory.

Thanks to everyone who came to our Men’s Riding Coat kickoff party last week. Several stellar models met our request to hop on the stationary bike and ham it up for the camera. Check out the pictures below to see how they worked their magic.

By now you probably know that the Men’s Riding Coat has been designed but is being crowd-funded for production. If you’d like one, check out our campaign page. There are two new incentive levels!

Photo shoot award-winners: It was hard to pick just two models, but Continue reading Pictures from our Men’s Riding Coat party

This September: We’re crowd-funding for our new Men’s Riding Coat

Hub and Bespoke Men's Riding Coat

We’re excited to give you an important heads up about Hub and Bespoke:

  1. We’re putting the finishing touches on a men’s version of our waterproof Riding Coat.
  2. We’re launching a campaign on Crowd Supply* to fund it (you can check out the sneak peak page here).

The Women’s Riding Coat we launched last year was very well received (yay and thanks!), and it wasn’t long before we started hearing, “When’s the men’s version coming out?” Well, here it is!  Continue reading This September: We’re crowd-funding for our new Men’s Riding Coat

Photos from Bastille Day Bike Ride and Pétanque

This year’s ride and picnic took us to Lake Union Park, where we were treated to lessons and games of pétanque by the very kind folks at Seattle Pétanque Club (who play nearly every Saturday and gladly welcome newcomers!). Thanks to all who joined us and to David for the lovely photos below.  Continue reading Photos from Bastille Day Bike Ride and Pétanque

Photos from Bike to Work Day


We had fun handing out bicycle fortunes and celebrating the Year of the Urban Steed on Bike to Work Day. Here are some photos David and I took that morning at the Fremont Commute Station:  Continue reading Photos from Bike to Work Day

Save the Date for Nau

Nau woman with bike

Nau, the Portland-based apparel company, asked us to host a trunk show.  Exciting!

We’ve proudly carried Nau since we opened the shop in 2010. Their creations combine technical performance with urban sensibilities. Perfect for us.

The details:

  • Tuesday, October 29th, 6 to 8 p.m. at Hub and Bespoke
  • Shop an extended collection from Nau.
  • Enter a raffle for a Nau garment and accessory. All raffle proceeds will benefit Seattle Greenways, a local non-profit working to create a network of non-arterial bikeways through Seattle neighborhoods. We’ve mentioned these folks before and we’re big fans.

Please pencil in the date on your calendars and stop by on your commute home.