This September: We’re crowd-funding for our new Men’s Riding Coat

Hub and Bespoke Men's Riding Coat

We’re excited to give you an important heads up about Hub and Bespoke:

  1. We’re putting the finishing touches on a men’s version of our waterproof Riding Coat.
  2. We’re launching a campaign on Crowd Supply* to fund it (you can check out the sneak peak page here).

The Women’s Riding Coat we launched last year was very well received (yay and thanks!), and it wasn’t long before we started hearing, “When’s the men’s version coming out?” Well, here it is! 

Like the women’s version, this coat is…

  • Made of a 2-ply waterproof fabric
  • Cut for comfort in a riding position
  • Designed with bike-friendly elements like subtle, concealable vents and reflectivity
  • Made in Seattle
  • Styled for an urban environment (of course!)
Hub and Bespoke Men's Riding Coat interior and label
The Men’s Riding Coat will be a fantastic piece for multi-season riding in Seattle (and many other cities).

If you’re interested in the coat, please sign up to receive updates on the Crowd Supply preview page. Backers who help us reach our funding goal during the campaign will receive the coat at a discount from the regular retail price.

We also could use your help spreading the word, so if you know someone who might be interested, please forward this post or the Crowd Supply link their way.

We’re really proud of this coat and can’t wait to show it to you!

*Crowd Supply is a Portland-based crowd-funding platform that specifically supports product developers. They’ve been great to work with so far and we think they’re an excellent fit for our campaign. You can browse some of their other projects here

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