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Hub and Bespoke is a small retail store in Seattle that caters to urbanites looking to make cycling fit with their lifestyle. Our offering includes a selection of clothing, clothing accessories and bicycle accessories designed for elegance and function. Our blog is a way for us and you to share ideas with each other, as well as a record of events as we build the business. Thanks for visiting. We look forward to meeting you!


Juliette grew up in Seattle and has been riding bikes all her life. She remembers the invigorating sense of freedom she felt when she first started cycling as a child. “I can go anywhere on my bike!” she thought. Now Juliette wants to help others find that same sense of freedom by showing how riding a bike can be as fun, elegant and simple as she’s always known it to be.

Aldan grew up in southern Mississippi where riding a bike in the city is typically reserved for an adventuresome few. When Aldan moved to Seattle, he was thrilled to find a vibrant and growing community of bicyclists with an infrastructure to support them. He hopes that Hub and Bespoke will help to move urban cycling further in its evolution, from a sport for the few to something anyone can do with style and fun.

A Shared Vision:

Juliette and Aldan met at the Bainbridge Graduate Institute, a school that integrates sustainability concepts into a business curriculum. They were drawn to the program out of a belief that business can be a vehicle for making the world better. Hub and Bespoke started as a class project that evolved into the retail concept it is today. Their hope and dream is that Hub and Bespoke will help people to choose biking for urban transport, thereby improving their community and the environment.


Feel free to send us an email at hubandbespoke at gmail dot com, or visit us at our shop in Fremont, located at 513 N 36th St in Seattle. You can also check out our website at www.hubandbespoke.com.


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    1. Whoa, those are pretty good beats. The take on cycling is a little different from ours (we don’t really think of riding a bike as a battle, for instance), but we can appreciate good tunes regardless. Thanks for the note, Jenn.


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