Seattle wins design contest for urban bike

The Denny features automatic gears, turn signals, a brake light, and handlebars that convert to a U-Lock.

We’re late to the party with this one since the contest is already over, but we’re sharing anyway in case you missed it because it’s pretty cool. And because Seattle won! 

Oregon Manifest recently challenged five teams to create the ultimate urban utility bicycle. Teams were comprised of one bike builder + one design firm from each of five cities: Chicago, New York, Portland, San Francisco, and Seattle. All the designs integrated smart features for their respective environments, but Seattle’s “Denny” from Sizemore Bicycle and Teague garnered the most votes. This means their concept will actually go into production! 

I’ve written about what features make for a great Seattle bike: fenders, wider tires, and the ability to carry your stuff. The Denny covers these and much more, from automatic gears, an electric pedal assist for hills, turn signals, a brake light, and handlebars that double as a bike lock. I love my old steel town bike and often eschew newfangled tech, but this bike seems to make so much sense that I can’t wait to test ride one. 

You can view all the bikes and their videos on the Oregon Manifest site here. Here’s our fave: 


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