Final week to fund a coat that says, “Anyone can ride a bike.”

Last week of Mens Coat

There are seven days left in our campaign to bring our riding coat design to reality. If you’ve already pledged, thank you so much for your vote of confidence. If you’ve been meaning to, now is a great time. But if you’re wondering why you should pledge, consider this:

This coat could get more people riding bikes.

There’s nothing else out there quite like this coat design (we looked hard!). Aside from all its bike-friendly features, however, this coat does something else: It wordlessly communicates that biking in the city isn’t just for the athletic few, but for anyone who wants to use a bike to reach their destination.

Imagine you are wearing this coat as you ride downtown. You pass someone who is interested but wary about riding a bicycle. Instead of thinking, “That’s not me. I couldn’t do that,” perhaps he suddenly envisions himself on two wheels, comfortably riding to work in a look that aligns with all his daily activities. Now think of all the people you pass on each day that you ride. By simply modeling a more accessible look, could you be sparking new ideas for people everywhere you go? 

This is the core of what Hub and Bespoke is all about, and what we’ve been working to communicate for the last 5 years. The way we look on our bikes can either invite or exclude, encourage or discourage, increase our numbers or keep us limited to the brave few.

It’s our dream to live in a city where bicycles are so numerous that they’ve altered the landscape into a quieter, more social space. It’s our mission to provide product solutions that invite and encourage others to join the fun. We believe this men’s coat is one of those solutions.

Thank you for all the support so far. If you feel the same way we do about the importance of getting more people to ride, I hope you’ll consider pledging, or simply sharing this campaign with others.

ER mens coat

Here are a few frequently asked questions we’ve received over the past few weeks:

Q. Why did you go with a double-breasted coat design? 

A. Aside from referencing the classic look of a pea coat, the double-breasted cut affords a highly functional benefit on the bike: It keeps one’s upper legs covered while pedaling, whereas a single-breasted coat splits open with every pedal stroke, often resulting in a wet lap during rainy weather.

Q. Does the coat come in other colors? 

A. As much as we’d like to offer multiple colors, each color would entail a minimum order of fabric that would drive up costs. If the coat is funded, then we will certainly consider different colors for future production runs, but that wouldn’t be for at least another year.

Q. I looked at your sizing chart and it doesn’t look like the coat will fit me. 

A. Similar to the color issue, we have limited this first round to the most common sizes to reduce costs. We don’t mean to leave anyone out, and, as with the women’s coat, we plan to incorporate additional sizes in future runs.


Q. If you don’t meet your funding goal, can I still buy a coat from you later? 

A. Unfortunately, no. This campaign is an all-or-nothing format. If we don’t meet our goal, then no funds are transferred, including those from pledges we’ve already received.

Q. I want to pledge, but I’m confused about how to support your project. It says, “Back this project” next to each item on the right. Are those items incentives for your campaign, or different projects altogether? 

A. These are all incentive items for the coat campaign. They are like ‘thank you’ gifts for each pledge level, and are meant to encourage support from folks who may not want the actual coat for themselves. Rest assured, any level of support for any of these incentive items helps us get closer to our funding target.

Q. I want to support you directly. Can I order a coat from the shop rather than on Crowd Supply? 

A. Thank you for looking out for us. Crowd Supply is the only method by which we can receive funds for the coat. There are costs associated with any crowd-funding platform, but we knew this ahead of time and accounted for them in our decision to launch this campaign.

Thank you for helping us to make this coat a reality. We know we are a long way from our goal without much time left, but with your help, we believe we can get there.

With gratitude,

Aldan and Juliette



4 thoughts on “Final week to fund a coat that says, “Anyone can ride a bike.””

  1. Oh no! I just found out about this when I read about it in the Cascade Courier. The campaign is over, and the project did not reach its goal. I’m so sad! I am totally down with a fashionable men’s riding coat. So what’s next? Will you try again sometime?

    1. Thanks for your interest, James. For now we don’t have plans for any new designs for men (the campaign was an indication that we have more work to do in this area!). Instead we’ll be re-focusing on product offerings for the female urban cyclist, who has far fewer options in the marketplace currently. Thanks for asking!

  2. Hi Juliette, I’m thinking about getting one of these for my husband who just started bike commuting (yeah!) — will need to check his measurements (he’s 6’2″ and usually wears a medium/tall). Was wondering if you considered offering the women’s coat as a premium? I might get one for me if it would help your campaign . . . Karen

    1. Hi Karen – Yay! A ‘new’ bike commuter 🙂 To answer your question about the women’s coat. We don’t have enough stock to add it to the Crowd Supply campaign as a premium. Thank you for the suggestion though! kind regards,juliette

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