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Male Test Riders Needed

bicycle briefA week ago a couple came into the shop wanting to talk men’s briefs.  They had a new product and they want us to carry it.

After explaining the shop concept they were very excited to explain how their men’s brief offered unique comfort when exercising.

Well, that’s sort of us, right?

Being a female, the benefits were a little lost on me.  So I checked in with Aldan, and then my husband David.  Both agreed.  These could really work better.

The biking benefits, as we understand them:

  • Unique Design – addressing a need unique to men, this design Untitledpromises to provide more comfort by eliminating the need for adjusting or shifting.  A picture speaks a thousand words.
  • Material – 93% modal/7% spandex – modal is a cellulosic fiber that claims to be 50% more absorbent than cotton.
  • Cut – boxer style, which stays in place while pedaling.

The company, My Pakage, then made an offer we couldn’t refuse:  8 complementary briefs for 8 of our most steady bike commuters to test ride (sizes medium/30-32 and large/34-36 only).

The first 8 gentlemen riders willing to test AND report their findings should e-mail us at hubandbespoke[at]gmail[dot]com.  Tell us your name and size (M or L).  You need to be available to pick them up by between now and the end of next week (3/23)

We will leave a comment below in this post when all briefs have been distributed.


Neighborhood Greenways

There’s a movement afoot:  to create byways with quieter traffic conducive to walking and biking.

Neighborhood Greenways are slow-speed, low-traffic residential streets made more attractive for people to walk and bike on them. Placed a block or two away from major arterials Greenways they create a park-like atmosphere mostly due to limiting cut-through traffic and adding some park-like amenities.

Many of us will add extra miles just to get to a street that is quieter and calmer, if we are walking or biking.  That means:  safer for kids, seniors, and (most importantly for us) newer urban cycle commuters of all ages.

Fear not — Greenways preserve parking and access by emergency service vehicles and freight delivery vehicles in our neighborhoods.

If you’ve every ridden in Portland you will know what a wonderful community attribute these through-ways are.

This is a neighborhood, by neighborhood, grassroots effort.  Learn more, get involved, by checking out what’s going on in your ‘hood here.

Style blog scoops H&B’s sartorial sustainability

Our friend Caleb interviewed us for a feature on Commerce With A Conscience, a blog that maintains that style and sustainability don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Caleb asked us about our views on cycle fashion and where it’s going. You can check out the blog and read the full interview here.

Andrew Chin of CARP Leather Goods

Serendipity.  As much planning and research one does to start a business, it seems that luck is a most under-reported factor in business.

Our luck was in meeting Andrew Chin.  Andrew regularly strolled by our shop on his way to coffee or lunch with little daschund Roxy in tow.

I think it was Roxy that first pulled Andrew into the shop.  Little Roxy had to meet our Brewster, the H+B shop dog.  As we got to know Andrew we learned of his many talents and interests:  fencer, leatherworker, wood worker, metal smith and some work with textiles.  That’s a classic Renaissance artisan, right?

Andrew told us he could build us some leather bags for bikes, what did we need?  His first product for us is an elegant top-tube satchel shown here.

It’s designed with the least amount of hardware to keep it safely in place while carrying maybe a 13.5” computer and papers.  Ideal for the rider who doesn’t have or want to carry the essentials on a back rack.  Head to a meeting at the local coffee shop ready for business! ($250 with custom orders available).

Today Andrew delivered a lovely handlebar bag. Handmade of latigo leather commonly used in western-style saddlery it is durable and weather resistant.  Andrew selected saddle hardware that permits easy on and easy off.  An ideal bag for carrying the bare essentials:  wallet, phone, + a few more of your particular essentials. ($150 and a smaller one for $125)

Andrew brings an old-world aesthetic to modern life.  Come see them in person.