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Volunteers needed for Washington Bikes auction

WA Bikes Auction

Dear bike people: Letting you know about this fun (truly! we speak from experience) volunteer opportunity coming up. The 2014 Washington Bike’s Annual Auction and Gala will be held the evening of November 8th.

They are still looking for a few more folks to help out on the night of the auction.

Washington Bikes works to grow bicycling statewide and to create complete and healthy streets. They do this by…

  • Working for investment in a balanced transportation system with more facilities for bicycling
  • Providing education
  • Developing more inclusive communities for bicycling
  • Inspiring and informing local advocates
  • Promoting bike travel and tourism
  • Building a coalition of organizations
  • Seeking to make bicycling accessible to everyone

The Annual Auction and Gala is a vital part of keeping WA Bikes doing that important work.  It’s also a lot of fun!

Perks: Volunteers get fed, get to bid on all the amazing auction items, and get to team up with a group of interesting, like-minded folks (who tend to come back year after year to help).

If you’re interested in joining the festivities, please contact the Washington Bike’s Volunteer Coordinator here: and let him know you are available to help out.  He’ll fill in the details and get you working.  He’ll also say thanks!


Final week to fund a coat that says, “Anyone can ride a bike.”

Last week of Mens Coat

There are seven days left in our campaign to bring our riding coat design to reality. If you’ve already pledged, thank you so much for your vote of confidence. If you’ve been meaning to, now is a great time. But if you’re wondering why you should pledge, consider this:

This coat could get more people riding bikes.

There’s nothing else out there quite like this coat design (we looked hard!). Aside from all its bike-friendly features, however, this coat does something else: It wordlessly communicates that biking in the city isn’t just for the athletic few, but for anyone who wants to use a bike to reach their destination.

Imagine you are wearing this coat as you ride downtown. You pass someone who is interested but wary about riding a bicycle. Instead of thinking, “That’s not me. I couldn’t do that,” perhaps he suddenly envisions himself on two wheels, comfortably riding to work in a look that aligns with all his daily activities. Now think of all the people you pass on each day that you ride. By simply modeling a more accessible look, could you be sparking new ideas for people everywhere you go? 

This is the core of what Hub and Bespoke is all about, and what we’ve been working to communicate for the last 5 years. The way we look on our bikes can either invite or exclude, encourage or discourage, increase our numbers or keep us limited to the brave few.

It’s our dream to live in a city where bicycles are so numerous that they’ve altered the landscape into a quieter, more social space. It’s our mission to provide product solutions that invite and encourage others to join the fun. We believe this men’s coat is one of those solutions.

Thank you for all the support so far. If you feel the same way we do about the importance of getting more people to ride, I hope you’ll consider pledging, or simply sharing this campaign with others.

ER mens coat

Here are a few frequently asked questions we’ve received over the past few weeks:

Q. Why did you go with a double-breasted coat design? 

A. Aside from referencing the classic look of a pea coat, the double-breasted cut affords a highly functional benefit on the bike: Continue reading Final week to fund a coat that says, “Anyone can ride a bike.”

Seattle wins design contest for urban bike

The Denny features automatic gears, turn signals, a brake light, and handlebars that convert to a U-Lock.

We’re late to the party with this one since the contest is already over, but we’re sharing anyway in case you missed it because it’s pretty cool. And because Seattle won!  Continue reading Seattle wins design contest for urban bike

Photos from Bastille Day Bike Ride and Pétanque

This year’s ride and picnic took us to Lake Union Park, where we were treated to lessons and games of pétanque by the very kind folks at Seattle Pétanque Club (who play nearly every Saturday and gladly welcome newcomers!). Thanks to all who joined us and to David for the lovely photos below.  Continue reading Photos from Bastille Day Bike Ride and Pétanque

Guest Post: Rainy Riding Tips from a New Yorker


Guest blogger Arielle Parris shares her tips for riding in the Seattle drizzle. An apt post for this week of June-uary weather!

8 Rainy Riding Tricks
by Arielle Parris

While Seattle natives might have the rainy ride down, this New-York-raised velophile had to learn the secrets the hard way. I’ll let you in on my top eight tricks, so you don’t have to follow in my soggy pedal strokes.  Continue reading Guest Post: Rainy Riding Tips from a New Yorker

Ladies: New to bike commuting? Join us for tips on urban biking.

CommuteHER event
Biking in the city is fun and totally doable. Come hear tips from experienced women bicyclists on how to get rolling. 

We’re hosting a get-together for women who are new to commuting by bicycle. If you have questions about biking specifically for urban transportation, please join us!  Continue reading Ladies: New to bike commuting? Join us for tips on urban biking.

Telaio beautifully featured on photo blog


Katharine.Telaio-113If you’ve ever been to the shop on Mondays, you’ve probably met Katharine, founder and owner of Telaio Clothing in Ballard. Katharine has been making beautiful wool cycling trousers, dresses, and other apparel by hand for Hub and Bespoke customers since 2010.

Katharine and Telaio were recently the subject of a beautiful feature on Drift Journal,  a photography driven blog that highlights thoughtfully crafted goods and the talented people behind them. We were thrilled that Katharine received this well-deserved spotlight!

You can see the feature here. I think the photos, taken by Seattle’s Sparkfly Photography, are terrific. Here’s a sample: