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London Tweed Ride from Dapper Dan Dash blog

We’re super excited about Seattle’s first Tweed Ride (Feb 21st, noon, Cal Anderson fountain). We got wind of the event from Ryan at Go Means Go, and though we’re still uncertain who’s organizing it, we’re sure it will be a delightful affair full of merriment and mutual enjoyment. If you aren’t familiar, Tweed Rides are local leisurely jaunts wherein participants dress the part of cyclists from a simpler, dare-we-say more civilized era. Read: tweed coats, wool leggings and herringbone patterned caps. We love the classic stylish looks that turn out for these events and we can’t wait to snap photos of all the dapper lads and dashing lasses in attendance. Over the past couple years, these rides have taken place in a number of major cities around the world, including London (the original of course), San Francisco and Chicago. And now it’s Seattle’s turn. Please do join us for the event, and don’t forget your picnic basket! Official announcement on Ryan’s site here. Oh, and if you’re looking for inspiration, check out the flickr roll from the recent Portland Tweed Ride. They got it right.



Photo from Amsterdamize Flickr stream

Patrick Barber, author of the terrific Vélocouture blog, wrote an excellent article in The Ride Journal that aligns with our philosophy quite well. Barber is a proponent of cycling as an “everyday, every-person form of transport” (his words). In this article he discusses how cycling in the U.S. is seen primarily as a sport and performance activity, but that recently more Americans are riding for the same reason as much of the rest of the world: simply to get somewhere. The result is a departure from the lycra and neon colors that dominate many cyclists’ wardrobes to more simple, stylish and, for lack of a better term, normal attire. My favorite lines from Barber’s piece: “Being on a bike isn’t always about a hot, sweaty, all-out ride,” and “Instead of being in workout mode, you are in going-somewhere-but-want-to-look-good mode: to work, on a date, to the coffee shop.” We couldn’t agree more. Check out the whole article on The Ride Journal’s website. It’s a large pdf but Barber’s article is easy to find since it’s the second piece.

Hi there!

Welcome to the brand new Hub and Bespoke blog. Hub and Bespoke is a startup business focused on serving the urban cyclist with fashionable and functional bicycle wear and accessories. You can think of us as a sort of “cycle boutique” rather than a bike shop, since we won’t be selling bikes or doing repairs. Instead, we’re creating a place where you can outfit yourself or your bike with fun and stylish products. At the same time, our space will invite you to stop in, meet other cyclists and share ideas about bike culture and urban riding. We’re based in sunny Seattle and right now we are working on getting a physical shop up and running by this coming spring. Before that, we’ll be making our debut at the Seattle Bike Expo. Look for our booth on the second floor. Until then, happy riding and feel free to get in touch at hubandbespoke at gmail dot com.

– Juliette and Aldan, co-founders

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