Slow Ride Speed Date: Meet your match on two wheels

Hub and Bespoke presents Slow Ride Speed Date, speed dating on bikes
In case the photo is misleading, this event is not restricted to tandem bike riders. It’s just a great picture. Look how happy they are!

It’s back: Our annual attempt to match you with a tandem partner on the ride of life. Could this be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for? Only one way to find out: Sign up!

As in years past, this event is meant to be a fun way to connect with other singles who ride bikes. Here’s how it works:

You will go on short “dates” with each participant of the opposite sex. The dates will be 4-minute bike rides along a preset route. You’ll receive a booklet to keep track of who you want to follow up with. After the event, we’ll collect the booklets and later notify you of any matches.

IMPORTANT: There will be two separate Speed Date events. Round 1 is for those 35’ish and younger and will be on Tuesday, July 29th. Round 2 is for those 35’ish and older and will be on Tuesday, August 5th. You choose which round is right for you.

  • Who: An equal number (a dozen or so) guys and gals,* first come first served.
  • Where: Meet at the shop (here’s a map)
  • When: Meet at 6 p.m. Ride at 6:30. Finish at 7:30 and then, if you want, join us for a drink at a neighborhood watering hole (TBD).
  • What to bring: 1) Your bike! 2) An openness to making new friends will put you in the right frame of mind. 3) A few interesting questions to ask during your date rides. There’s only so many times someone wants to answer the question, “So what do you do?”

How to sign up: Send us an email letting us know your name, gender, age (roughly is fine), and which round you’re signing up for.

Looking forward to it!

*In the past we’ve attempted to host gay and lesbian speed date events, but didn’t reach a critical mass of participants so had to cancel. If you’re interested in this type of event, shoot us an email. If we get enough folks signed up, we’ll gladly host a Slow Ride Speed Date for you! 

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