Thursday: Ballard Street Party and Bicycle Fashion Show

Kathryn Grayson bicycle pinup
Kathryn Grayson showing how they did “high-vis” back in the day.

This Thursday, celebrate the end of Bike Month with a street party where we’ll be hosting a bicycle fashion show. This year the show will feature stylish bicycle riders selected from the crowd.

  • Ride your bike to the party
  • Show up in a head-turning outfit
  • If you’re spotted, receive a citation from the bike style authorities and an invitation to hop on stage

Those selected will receive gifts, so dress to impress!* 

What: A Share-Your-Style fashion show
Who: Stylish bike riders selected from the audience. You know who you are. Come out and strut your stuff.
Where: Right here, during the Bike Month Ballard Street Party
When: This Thursday, May 29th, 4 p.m. Fashion show starts at 6:15.
What else: Live music, prizes, free food and beverages, a BMX stunt show, all your friends hanging out, etc.

Don’t miss it!

*Google image search provides inspiration for what NOT to wear: Please don’t do this.
Also, this does not count as a bike.

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