Friday: 70º with sun. Sounds like a great day to Bike to Work.

Screenshot 2014-05-13 10.47.02
If you’re thinking of not riding your bike to work this week, sadly you won’t have the weather as an excuse.

You’ve seen the forecast. You know about Bike Month and Bike to Work Day. That shiny new helmet you’ve been wanting to try out is next to your bike, and they’re both looking at you, silently pleading, “Please take us outside. We like sunshine. And you.” Now’s the time. You’re ready. 

chinese new year horse
*Some of the gifts will be extra special. Maybe you’ll be one of the lucky recipients?

If you’re riding from North Seattle Friday morning, consider a stop at the Fremont Commute Station where we’ll be handing out little gifts* for commuters. This year we’ll be celebrating the Chinese Year of the Horse, a.k.a. Year of the Urban Steed.


Don’t forget to mark your calendars for the end-of-bike-month street party in Ballard on Thursday, May 29th. Hub and Bespoke will be hosting a Share Your Style bicycle fashion show, starring you. Obviously, you’ll want to be there for that.

See you on the streets!

You can do it! You can ride your bike to work! It helps to have a buddy. And there will be commute stations all over the city to reward your bravery. It’s the best day of the year to start riding.

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