Chinese photographer captures everyday riders on invisible bikes

Click the photo to see the others in the series.

You may have seen this photo series already since it first bounced around the blogosphere a couple years ago. But it’s new to us and we thought it was cool so we’re sharing in case you missed it, too.

Zhou HuaSen is a Chinese photographer who created this series of people floating on “invisible,” i.e. digitally removed, bicycles. The effect is neat for the everyday commuters he captured, but we wondered if it would also be interesting to show other types of riders without their wheels. Like racers–would they look cool? silly? Maybe that depends on the lens through which you view bicycle riding. (Sorry.)

Interesting note on crediting sources: We originally saw the photo series on one of the many blogs that posted about it, but it took some digging to find the original blogger, especially since somewhere along the way people started misspelling the photographer’s name (as Zhaohua Sen). Our best guess for the originator is this post by My Modern Met where you can see the rest of the images, but if we’re wrong, feel free to correct us. Also, here’s the closest thing to a bio page we found for the photographer himself.



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