Learn How to Organize a Bike Train to School

Don’t you love seeing the neighbors kids on their bikes heading to school?  I’ve always wondered what it took to get things organized and safe for kids to do this.

Here’s a chance to learn.


FREE from the folks at Cascade Bike Club and Bike Works.  Get “Bike Training”  for people who want to start a Bike Train at their kid’s school.

There are two planned for April.  One in the for the north-end of town and another for the south-end.


  • WHEN:  April 7, from 1:30 to 4:30
  • WHERE :  the Cascade Bicycle Club office at Magnuson Park.
  • WHAT:  Learn the basics of recruiting others, planning the route, rules, and group riding skills with children.
  • WHO:  We’ll hear from Maya Jacobs, organizer of the Thornton Creek and Wedgwood bike trains.

Then you’ll roll onto the grounds with Morgan Scherer of Familybike for skills practice.  The session finishes with a ride around the neighborhood with parents role-playing as children, conductors and the caboose. Bring your bike and a helmet, dress for the weather and get onboard.


  • WHEN:  April 27, from 1:30 to 4:30.
  • WHERE:  Bike Works classroom and offices. 3715 S. Hudson Ave Suite #111 (Lower level) Seattle 98118
  • WHAT:  Morgan Scherer will be the lead engine with a session encompassing Maya’s work as well as the on-bike activities.

RSVP to robin.randels [at] cascadebicycleclub [dot] org


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