This Saturday: Bicycle Fashion Show at Expo

Stephanie at 2011 Expo Fashion Show
Stephanie at 2011 Expo Fashion Show

When first-time visitors come into the shop, I sometimes ask them if they “get” what our focus is after they’ve browsed a bit. Often they’ll say, “Yeah, it’s about lookin’ good on a bike!” Of course, this is part of the equation; we also want you to be comfortable while you’re riding as well as dressed for your destination. But it’s always interesting to see reactions to the basic concept of being stylish on a bicycle. For some, it instantly resonates. For others, it’s a paradigm shift that seems literally like a foreign concept (“Maybe in flat Copenhagen, but Seattle?”).

Whether you’re a champion for chic cycling or a skeptical but curious observer, you won’t want to miss the Traffic Stoppers bicycle fashion show at this weekend’s Seattle Bike Expo.* Hub and Bespoke is proud to be coordinating the show for the second time, and we’ve put together several looks to inspire current and potential bicycle riders to think of the bike as a viable, and fashionable, form of urban transportation. Come see how you might incorporate riding a bike into your everyday lifestyle!

Some of the looks we’ll be featuring:

  • Commuter clothing that’s functional for the bike and suitable for the board room
  • Eye-catching ensembles for weekend rides to the market
  • Practical outfits for intrepid parents who bike their young’ns to school

These and more, including a few nods to our sport cyclists, will be highlighted at the Traffic Stoppers bicycle fashion show this Saturday only, March 9th, at 1:15 p.m. at the Smith Cove Cruise Terminal. Afterwards, stop by our booth to say hello and try on our brand new women’s riding coat, designed by Hub and Bespoke and produced right here in Seattle!

Oh, one last thing: The bikes, clothing, and accessories featured in the show will all be sourced from Bike Expo exhibitors, so if you see something you like on stage, you can check it out during your visit.

Thanks for reading, and see you at the Expo!

*Quick note: Cascade Bicycle Club’s servers have been swamped the last couple days due to a news story that went viral. If the site is down when you click the links, just try again a little later and it should come up.

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