Double Your Money for Bike Transportation

You won’t see us making donation recommendations very often, but now Imageis a most propitious moment.  Donate to the most worthySeattle Neighborhood Greenways before the end of December and your tax-exempt donations will be matched automatically up to $10,000.

Seattle Neighborhood Greenways is the lead to a grassroots network of neighborhood groups that identify, advocate for, plan, implement, and activate a linked network of safe and healthy streets for people of all ages.

Cathy Tuttle of Seattle Neighborhood Greenways is the almost completely unpaid director of the citywide effort.  Trained as an urban planner and designer, she provides essential materials and knowledge to the neighborhood groups and spearheads dialog with the city.  For all who know her, we are in awe of her skills communicating with approachable authority to the city and state agencies that implement Greenways. 

We are pretty psyched by all the activity in support of making the Seattle streets comfortable and suitable to self-propelled modes of transportation.  This is the city we want to live in!

Learn more about SNG and donate here.  



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