Gift ideas and winter riding must-haves

Bike in Snow
Brrrrr!  Source.

Right now we have several gift items for the bicycle riders on your holiday shopping list. You can check out the pictures below if you’re looking for ideas.

This time of year a lot of folks are wondering what to get for their loved ones who love bikes, and it made me think about what types of accessories I really appreciate having when I’m riding around town during these cold, damp months. The other day I left the house in a rush and forgot my Smartwool headband. This is an essential item for me when it’s cold out and I noticed its absence right away, but because I was in a hurry I decided to just roll on without it. Man, did I miss that thing! By the time I got to the shop from Greenlake, my ears were aching with that inner cold that many of you winter riders are probably familiar with. It’s amazing how much comfort that little wool band provides; I don’t even think about it when I have it on, but it’s sorely missed when it isn’t there.

I asked Juliette if she had any favorite cold weather accessories for riding, and she mentioned her fleece-lined leggings — warm, soft on the skin, and don’t hold moisture. She wears them with skirts or dresses while riding. They look awfully comfortable, I have to say.

What about you? Any items that really affect your level of comfort and enjoyment during your winter commute? Let us know your faves in the comments section.

And yes, for you gift hunters we have headbands and fleece leggings at the shop. Feel free to come in and check them out, along with the other accessories showcased below.

Hub and Bespoke holiday gifts
Left to Right: Canvas tool rolls that strap to saddle rails or tuck into a bottle cage; Brooks leather trouser straps to keep pant legs away from chain grease; handmade leather handlebar bag crafted locally
Hub and Bespoke holiday gifts
Left to Right: Foldable goggles to fend off wind and rain; handy multitool for roadside repairs; compact bi-fold wallet made of recycled bike inner tubes; money clip made from a folded bike spoke
Hub and Bespoke holiday gifts
Left to Right: bike bands to mount smartphones or other items to one’s handlebars; fun reflective stickers; handlebar mounted cup holder; USB rechargeable bike light; double ringing (“ding ding!”) bell




2 thoughts on “Gift ideas and winter riding must-haves”

  1. Hi

    I feel sorry for the bike. I wonder who’s the person who’s gonna ride the bike. It’s frozen! He or she is going to freeze their asses off. Those are interesting items that you sell at your shop.

    Delete this mail after you read it. Love you a lot, Mom

    Sent from my iPad

    1. Thanks for the comment, Mom. Love you, too.

      To our other blog followers: Please meet my Mom! She sometimes likes to send me personal messages through the Hub and Bespoke blog. Fortunately for her, she lives in Mississippi where snow covered bikes are a rarity. But I guess they’re not all that common around here, either.

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