Iva Jean on Kickstarter with new chic bicycle apparel for women

Iva Jean reveal skirt
The Reveal Skirt, one of the new products in the Iva Jean lineup, is a pencil skirt with a rear zipper that reveals additional fabric for easy pedaling on a bike.

If you’ve been to Hub and Bespoke, chances are a silver rain cape caught your eye as an elegant solution for weathering the Seattle drizzle. The rain cape was created by Seattle’s Ann DeOtte, founder and designer at Iva Jean (and prolific blogger of fashionable bike wear and inspiration).

Ann is back with new beautiful and functional pieces designed for stylish biking through city streets. Her campaign on Kickstarter has already met its original financial target, but additional funds will go to increasing production quantities. Plus, there are several spots left at each pledge level so you can make an early claim on one of her new products, which include the Reveal Skirt pictured above as well as a daily blouse and a reflective vest. And you can still check out the original Iva Jean Rain Cape at Hub and Bespoke.

Congratulations Ann for successfully launching your new line of smart, beautiful products!


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