The City Wants You to Ride!

City of Seattle is enticing us to consider other modes of travel, like biking!  A little late maybe, but the Seattle Dept of Transportation contacted us to let you all know about the July/August Walk Bike Ride Challenge.

We may be ‘singing to the choir’ here, but who knows, maybe some of you could use a little extra encouragement to get on the road.

The challenge offers an opportunity to win special prizes, specifically:

• Electric bike from Electric Bikes Northwest

• One night stay at the Pan Pacific Hotel in South Lake Union

• 1 Year Zipcar membership & 5+ hours of driving credit

• $100 Nordstrom gift card (from Commute Seattle)

• $100 REI gift card

• $100 Farmer’s Market gift card (accepted at seven farmer’s markets).

All you have to do is switch at least two trips per week in July and August to walking, biking or riding transit.

Here’s what else they want you to know:

The more trips you report, the more chances you earn to win prizes. You’ll receive help along the way with weekly emails with tips on walking, biking and riding. You can login to see how many car trips you have reduced, and even see the collective impact of all the program participants. Almost half of the trips Americans make are within two miles—a walkable, bikeable distance.

You can register or learn more here.

If you win something let us know!


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