Neighborhood Greenways

There’s a movement afoot:  to create byways with quieter traffic conducive to walking and biking.

Neighborhood Greenways are slow-speed, low-traffic residential streets made more attractive for people to walk and bike on them. Placed a block or two away from major arterials Greenways they create a park-like atmosphere mostly due to limiting cut-through traffic and adding some park-like amenities.

Many of us will add extra miles just to get to a street that is quieter and calmer, if we are walking or biking.  That means:  safer for kids, seniors, and (most importantly for us) newer urban cycle commuters of all ages.

Fear not — Greenways preserve parking and access by emergency service vehicles and freight delivery vehicles in our neighborhoods.

If you’ve every ridden in Portland you will know what a wonderful community attribute these through-ways are.

This is a neighborhood, by neighborhood, grassroots effort.  Learn more, get involved, by checking out what’s going on in your ‘hood here.


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