July 14: “C’est Magnifique!” bike ride and picnic

Hub and Bespoke C'est Magnifique bike ride on Bastille Day

When we did a survey many months ago asking what types of events you’d be most interested in, social bike rides were the clear winner. Thus, we give you “C’est Magnifique!” — a bike ride and picnic with un thème français. 

Put on your best French-inspired outfit, hop on your bike, and come along as we make stops around town collecting items for a mid-afternoon pique-nique in the park. There will be a small prize for the best-dressed homme et la femme, so aim to wow!

– When: July 14, noon to 3 p.m.
– Where: Meet at Melrose Market (here’s a map)
– What to bring: Your friends, your bike, and a bag or basket to carry your picnic items

**Très Important!** Bring some cash for purchasing your picnic goods from the local vendors we’ll be visiting. $20 should be plenty.

We are so excited to do this ride and we look forward to seeing you then. À bientôt!


16 thoughts on “July 14: “C’est Magnifique!” bike ride and picnic”

    1. That looks like a fun event! Nice to see other Bastille Day activities happening around town. Madison Valley is a little off our planned route, so we will miss the Bash this time. Thank you for mentioning it though!

  1. Aldan, just found out we’ll have houseguests so no kids (or me) along for the ride after all. BTW, I was going to tie un ballon rouge to the back of my bike in case you want to adopt my idea now 🙂 Have a great picnic and hope to see you at a future event!

    1. Hm, good question! We will be riding through town, making 2 or 3 stops to buy cheese, wine, and baguettes, and then going to the park. What do you think? Does that sound kid-friendly to you? I think you know better than we!

      1. I think it sounds great! I wanted to make sure you don’t mind kids along. Also, I can help carry groceries for everyone on my cargo bike 🙂

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