Video: How a Bicycle Is Made

I loved this 1945 video documenting how Raleigh bicycles were manufactured, back when the entire machine was constructed under one roof. So fun to see how all the parts are shaped, bent, punched, and heated, and the assembly line pace is mind boggling–can you imagine the demand there must have been to be cranking out bikes like this? And yet, it seems like the final product was of good quality.

If anyone is familiar with old or new bike production methods, it would be great to hear your thoughts on this video!

From the film:

“There are bicycles for all purposes. Suitable for men, women, boys, and girls. … A bicycle is a comfortable and cheap way of getting about. A great boon to man. Ideal for shopping, easy to park, handy for work, a faithful friend ever ready to take tired workers back home, and after work, to bring relaxation, health, and happiness.”



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