Calgary Cycle Chic at Hub and Bespoke

Designer Kristi Woo of Ontario Canada, and founder of Riyoko, is doing some great urban bikewear for women.  We are excited to offer her Riding Blazer.  Created and built to provide stylish, comfortable and functional bike attire specifically for the female cyclist.

Kristi is a woman trying to solve the same problem we are:  making cycling work like just any other mode of transportation.

Yes, there are some design demands for cycling, but they can be met stylishly.  Riyoko has accomplished just that.  The Riding Blazer features a durable waterproof finish, venting, convertible wind collar, secure pockets and cute.  Just get dressed, jump on your bike, and get where you need to be in town! 

Come check out the Riyoko Riding Blazer and be sure to tell us what you think.



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