Slow Ride Speed Date is back!

hub and bespoke slow ride speed dateBack by popular demand, our speed-dating-by-bicycle event is happening again next month. Since last year’s ride, many people contacted us asking when we’d do it again. Well, we’ve got an answer for you: June 12.

Like last year, we’ll gather at the shop and then head to an area in Fremont where bikers and bikes can line up. Each participant will go on a short bike ride along a pre-set path with a participant of the opposite sex.* After everyone’s “dated” everyone else, we’ll collect match cards (kept private) and head to a nearby bar for drinks.

If you are a single cyclist looking to pair up or maybe just meet some new bike-loving friends, sign up by emailing hubandbespoke at with your name, gender, and age. We had more than a few follow up matches last year, and participants said they had a great time. There are a limited number of spots so reserve yours early! Oh, and I think it goes without saying, but you must have a bike to participate.

*Because of logistics, we have to do separate speed date events for heterosexual and homosexual groups. Last year we announced a gay and lesbian Slow Ride Speed Date but didn’t get enough folks signed up. If you are interested in doing a gay and lesbian speed date event, please email us your name, gender, orientation, and age and we will host a second round if we reach a critical mass. Thanks!


4 thoughts on “Slow Ride Speed Date is back!”

    1. Thanks for your interest in our event! We’re pretty excited about it. We don’t actively track follow-up connections beyond what participants decide to tell us later, but if we get word that sparks have flown, we’ll mention your follow-up story idea to them.

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