Bike-to-Work Day, an important survey, and free bus rides for cyclists(!)

Bike to work day 2011 with hub and bespoke

It’s Bike Month, and we wanted to let you know of some exciting things happening around town next week:

Bike-to-Work Day is next Friday, May 18. Fingers crossed for good weather! Once again, Juliette and I will be in Fremont that morning with little gifts for those of you on bike that day. We’d love to see you.

Bicycle Block Party and Fashion Show: On the evening of Bike-to-Work Day, Cascade Bicycle Club is hosting its annual street party in Ballard. At 6:30 pm there will be a “Share Your Style” fashion show presented by Cascade and Hub and Bespoke. Are you a fashionable cyclist? Sign up and strut your stuff! Do you know someone who adds style to cycling? Get them in the show’s lineup so they can be recognized! This is sure to be a fun event and a great way to see many versions of bike style.

Important survey: The Seattle Department of Transportation is asking for feedback on where you ride, what you think the city needs to make biking more accessible to all, and on which infrastructure projects the Department should invest funds. I took the survey yesterday and found it well thought out, so I think they’ll get great data if you share your responses. Took me about 6 minutes to complete.

Free bus rides for cyclists! Stephanie from Cascade Bicycle Club came into the shop yesterday and mentioned in passing that King County Metro and Sound Transit are both offering free bus rides to cyclists next week (May 14 – 18). How cool is that?? Great for cyclists, but Stephanie also pointed out that this could be a great way to encourage bus riders who are thinking of adding biking to their commute. So spread the word to your bus commuting friends and maybe some will hop on a bike next week.

We hope you can get involved in one or more of these great Bike Month activities. Happy riding!


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