SIFF’s Giving Cyclist a Break

The folks at SIFF (Seattle International Film Festival) thought you all might want to know about a special discount they are offering:  Ride to SIFF Cinema Uptown to see the film Kid with a Bike and get   $2.00 off admission (in person sales office, valid for regular full price  admission and matinees).  The film screens now through April 20th.

SIFF says if this discount works they would consider doing special cyclists for the 2012 Film Festival, May 17-June 10!  Kinda cool to get extra-credit for something you would do anyway.



2 thoughts on “SIFF’s Giving Cyclist a Break”

  1. Spouse and I rode bikes to this movie on opening night last weekend…unfortunately before they announced the biking discount. 😦 The movie is good, if a little depressing, but Juliette I think you’ll like it given your master of french. 😉

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