New at the shop: Iva Jean Rain Cape

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Just in time for Seattle’s autumn drizzle, the Iva Jean Rain Cape offers an elegant solution to the challenge of staying stylish while cycling in damp conditions. Many thought it couldn’t be done. Ann DeOtte–Iva Jean founder, blogger, and designer– thought otherwise.

The Rain Cape has many features that make it bicycle-friendly. Reflective piping subtly adds visibility. Interior thumb loops keep the cape in place and your arms and legs dry. A billed hood works with or without a helmet. And the clean, sleek look makes it easy on the eyes.

If you often ride (or get caught) in light rain, the Rain Cape would make a great addition to your cycling wardrobe. One size, available to try on at Hub and Bespoke.


3 thoughts on “New at the shop: Iva Jean Rain Cape”

  1. Ik hou heel veel van regencapes, ze zijn vaak mooi, en toch zo praktisch!!!
    Ik verzamel ze nu, regenponcho’s en regencapes, ik heb er al een 150-tal.
    Ik draag ze heel vaak, in bos, op de fiets, maar ook in de stad.


    1. Thanks Jo! I had to use Google to translate your message from Dutch. I appreciate your enthusiasm for rain capes. Happy riding!

      Jo’s message, translated:

      I like a lot of rain capes, they are often beautiful, and yet so practical!
      I collect them now, ponchos and rain capes, I already have 150 or so.
      I wear them very often, in the forest, on the bike, but also in the city.

  2. Oi. I’ve been looking for a raincap for a while now – but all seem to be over the budget (which is a major reason why I bike). When I lived in Switzerland, rain capes were the norm.

    I appreciate the design of this, though.

    I’m thinking of sewing one together out of a shower-curtain…

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