“We Are Not A Bike Shop”

I am going to be saying that a lot this week.  For the first time I will be attending the biggest bike trade industry trade show.  Just to check out what we might be missing.

The show’s called Interbike with over 1000 exhibitors catering to the bicycle industry (retailers, builders, etc).  It’s in Vegas (woo hoo). 

I’ll be locking up the shop for a couple days to do this.  We will be closed Wednesday and Thursday this week.  Opening again Friday, when we will also be co-hosting our Park(ing) Day spot.

See you then and learn about what’s new at Interbike.



3 thoughts on ““We Are Not A Bike Shop””

  1. Was in the shop this past weekend for the first time – great place! I’ll definitely be back many more times. Can I put in a request while you’re at interbike – would you take a few pics of the Masi booth/tent if they’re out there? Would love to see what they put together – I’m a big fan of theirs but can’t get down for the show. I know you’re not a bike shop – but you’ve got all the great vintage-looking gear, and few bikes out there are as vintage-styled as the steel frame Masi’s. Cheers and thanks for the fantastic shop and for helping Fremont stay hip.


    1. Hi Jude. Thanks for the hi-fives.

      I’ll learn what the rules are for pic-taking when I get there. The Interbike site shows Masi as an exhibitor with Haro Bikes. I don’t get that but maybe that makes sense to you.


      1. Pictures are fine. As an Interbike veteran I can assure you they live for pictures to spark interest in the new products.
        As to Masi sharing a booth with Haro, it happens. Sometimes it is because one imports the other, but I do not know if this is the case for Masi and Haro.

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