Re-imagining parking spaces as public places

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Above: Photos from the web showing PARK(ing) spaces around the world.

Next Friday, September 16 is PARK(ing) Day, an “annual open-source global event where citizens, artists and activists collaborate to temporarily transform metered parking spaces into ‘PARK(ing)’ spaces: temporary public places.” This event, like Seattle’s Summer Streets program, highlights how much space is dedicated to our cars by inviting us into the physical space that vehicles typically occupy. Transforming the space takes us a step further: to imagining what our city could look like if we were less reliant on the auto to take us places.

Seattle’s PARK(ing) Day efforts are being spearheaded this year by Feet First, and Hub and Bespoke is teaming up with friends at Bitters Co. to transform a parking space in Fremont (on Evanston Ave N at N 36th St). From 9am to 5pm we’ll have comfy furniture, rugs, and other creature comforts from Bitters Co., and Hub and Bespoke will be serving melon slushies blended with pedal-power (yours, that is). Feel free to stop by and sit a spell!


3 thoughts on “Re-imagining parking spaces as public places”

  1. Hey Aldan! This is Mike and Christine from California. We met you on a beautiful Saturday afternoon at the end of August. Very cool shop and concept! There’s some cool stuff you guys in Seattle are doing such as this PARK(ing) Day. It was a pleasure meeting you!

    -Mike and Christine

    1. Hi Mike and Christine! Thanks a bunch for saying hello (both in person and virtually) and for checking out the blog. Yes, we’re excited about the Park(ing) Day event and looking forward to lounging in our public parking space. Well, lounging and pedaling. Hope the rest of your summer is great. Cool website! -Aldan

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