More Women on Two Wheels

I think you know, we would love to see more women in Seattle using their bikes for transportation.

“Start while they are young”, they say. Our super friends at Bike Works are doing just that.  They have a few spots left in the All-Girls Earn-A-Bike class starting September 21st. This eight-week bike repair class is fun, empowering, and open to all girls age 9-17.

In case you don’t know about them, a little more information about Bike Works’ and Earn-A-Bike:

Since 1996 we have been teaching students ages  9 to 17 the basics of bicycle mechanics. In an eight week series of classes the youth learn the basics of bike repair and practice this work on recycled bikes that will be given to other community organizations. Once they have accrued 18 hours of community service doing bike repair they are able to pick out and rebuild their very own bike. If they already have a bike, they can use these hours to earn their own bike parts and accessories, or to earn a bike for someone else. Once a student has successfully completed the classes, they can continue to come to drop-in Earn-a-Bike sessions, and go on rides (for free!) until they turn 18. Graduated students are also eligible to use their time at Bike Works towards Seattle Public School community service requirements.

For more information or to download a registration form go here.



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