September ArtWalk

We are delighted to be hanging Lisa Reynold’s work this (and next) month. We met Lisa when she dropped by the shop to check out the work of her friend, Jesse, who is selling beautiful bike shelves (storage) in the shop.

Turns out, Lisa is both a cyclist and an artist. Lucky for us her portfolio includes lovely ‘bike-themed’ pieces, each piece in the shop tells a little story.

Lisa tells us the thing she loves about getting around by bike is all the happy accidents and sites only seen from the seat of a bike. She draws inspiration from those times alone on her bike, making connections with the environment, and from time living in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

“I commit to my muses most fully – to places and people and moments –alone, atop a sentimental tore-up seat on a strong blue Bianchi without any kind of a plan. “,

The works are encaustic layered on ink drawings.  In addition to her art Lisa Reynolds is an ecological designer. You can check out her work at this month’s First Friday art walk, September 2nd from 5 to 9 pm. CORRECTION: 6 to 9 pm.


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