We Have a Jean Tester

Thank you to all the intrepid size 30 cyclists who volunteered to be a product tester for the “funky jean”.

Ric in test jeans

Ric will be riding these jeans, as often as temperature and schedule allow.  His initial impression of the fabric and cut was positive.  We hope to learn if the unique construction affords any benefits for cycling.

Re:  picture – I ‘cut off’ Ric’s head ‘cuz I forgot to get his permission to disclose his identity.  He may reveal himself at the end of our test period.  Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “We Have a Jean Tester”

  1. So far so great — very comfortable denim that is breaking in well with some perspiration and dirt. Still not sure what to do about the length — should I get them hemmed or just cut off at mid-calf? Aesthetic review has been mixed — some love the new look; some say the jeans “bunch up funny” in the front. Will be fun to see how they settle in with use.

    1. Hi Ric – thanks for the check in! Yes, feel free to cut the pants. They are yours to do as you please.
      We are very interested in learning if the unique fly construction provides any functional attributes useful for cycling. We’ll check in again!

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