Calling all bike poets!

The second annual Spoke & Food event will take place on Tuesday, June 28th. This event invites you, your friends, family, and neighbors to bike to dinner at one of several host restaurants. 20% of your dinner bill will be donated to Seattle Tilth, this year’s beneficiary organization.

To kick things off, we’ll be hosting bike poetry readings at the shop… compliments of you! Bring a poem of your own or one that inspires you and have a pre-dinner beer or glass of wine on us. Bashful poets need not fear–we’ll happily read your poem for you. Any format is fine: haiku or sonnet, rhyme or free-form, short or long (but not too long).

When you move on your bike
Does it move your heart, too?
Does it make you feel like
There’s nothing you can’t do?
If your love of two wheels
Borders on the absurd,
Let poetry reveal
Your passion at Spoke ‘n Word!

Map to Hub and Bespoke here.


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