New Art from Ann McBurney

Next week we will be hanging new art from Ann McBurney in time for Fremont’s First Friday ArtWalk, May 6th, 6pm to 9pm.

We met Ann at the shop one Art Walk night and got to talking about artwork she had seen that evening.  In chatting, shy Ann revealed that she’s been drawing and painting for about 10 years and cycling since ‘before it was cool’.

Although Ann will tell you she’s an architect, we are here to tell you she’s an artist (certainly not mutually exclusive terms).  Lucky us she came into the shop to share an intersection of joys — art and cycling.

Ann’s been drawing and painting for work and pleasure since forever yet she’s new to working with oil.  For us she chose to evoke the romance and passion of cycling by revisiting commercial bicycle art from the turn of the last century. In using oil Ann finds the striking graphics and colorful images of these vintage designs made new again.  Much as she feels when riding a bike – “like a kid again”!

Ann has lived in Seattle for about 25 years, but hails from Iowa where she’s returned at least nine times to do RAGBRAI.  In case you are not familiar, that stands for the Registers’ Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa.   An organized ride covering about 450 miles to cross the state in 7 days.  There’s a new route every year.  Ann is planning to go this year making it her 10th ride across the state.  She tells us she loves seeing all the little towns and meeting all the people you meet along the way.  A great way to visit every nook in what is a mostly flat state.

Ann lives in Seattle’s Columbia City working out of her home office/studio.  As wonderful as it to work from a home office Ann says she’s sad to no longer enjoy a daily bicycle commute.

Hope to see you all next week.  I can’t wait!


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