Cycle tracks: “just right.”

Roads are for cars. Sidewalks are for pedestrians. And more so than bike lanes, cycle tracks are for bikes, according to Grist writer Elly Blue. She describes cycle tracks–or separated bike paths–as the urban pathway that is “just right” for bikes, a la the old Goldilocks story. Separating bikes from cars and pedestrians makes intuitive sense, and it seems to work well in Copenhagen, Montreal, Portland and other bike friendly cities. Moreover, cycle tracks are a systems improvement that preempts conflicts between different types of road users. They’re also more intentional than painted bike lanes, which often seem like afterthoughts or retroactive fixes in transportation planning. Judging by the video above, it appears that cycle tracks are capable of moving large numbers of cyclists through town in a relatively conflict-free fashion. That gets our vote. Read Blue’s excellent article on Grist here.


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