Artist Emily Alice Peck + ArtWalk Jan 7th

Emily came into the shop a few months ago and showed us a few of her gorgeous pieces and asked us to consider her for the shop.   Right away we loved what she was doing. But, we had a requirement:  the work must speak to cycling as transportation in some way.

It’s hard to get Emily to talk about herself.  “I hate that part”.  In hanging her lovely work I learned that Emily, in addition to her art, works with her hands doing some remodeling and carpentry work.   I learned that she rode-tripped on her bike through 5 states and over 2,000 miles.  She has a “great respect for biking and the beauty and simplicity it brings”.

Emily moved from South Dakota to the Pacific Northwest 6 years ago living in Bend OR, Portland OR,  Bellingham, and finally Seattle where she’s been for the last 4 months.

About the work.  Emily told us that she started developing her technique almost 3 years ago:    “The canvas built of wood, using plaster/fresco base, color oil pastels, acrylic, oil, milk and clay paints.  The lines are etched, and finished with layers of wax.”

For Emily “the hands are connected to the heart”.  I hope you  can join us on the 7th to see what Emily’s heart brings to the form of a bicycle.

We will be open until 9pm.


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