Andrew Chin of CARP Leather Goods

Serendipity.  As much planning and research one does to start a business, it seems that luck is a most under-reported factor in business.

Our luck was in meeting Andrew Chin.  Andrew regularly strolled by our shop on his way to coffee or lunch with little daschund Roxy in tow.

I think it was Roxy that first pulled Andrew into the shop.  Little Roxy had to meet our Brewster, the H+B shop dog.  As we got to know Andrew we learned of his many talents and interests:  fencer, leatherworker, wood worker, metal smith and some work with textiles.  That’s a classic Renaissance artisan, right?

Andrew told us he could build us some leather bags for bikes, what did we need?  His first product for us is an elegant top-tube satchel shown here.

It’s designed with the least amount of hardware to keep it safely in place while carrying maybe a 13.5” computer and papers.  Ideal for the rider who doesn’t have or want to carry the essentials on a back rack.  Head to a meeting at the local coffee shop ready for business! ($250 with custom orders available).

Today Andrew delivered a lovely handlebar bag. Handmade of latigo leather commonly used in western-style saddlery it is durable and weather resistant.  Andrew selected saddle hardware that permits easy on and easy off.  An ideal bag for carrying the bare essentials:  wallet, phone, + a few more of your particular essentials. ($150 and a smaller one for $125)

Andrew brings an old-world aesthetic to modern life.  Come see them in person.



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