Cycling evolution: from sport and practicality to “eye-catching glamour”

Bicycle Chic Gains Speed - New York Times
Bicycle Chic Gains Speed - New York Times

The New York Times printed another great article that observes the growing number of “women, mostly young, [giving] the image of cyclists ‘an extreme makeover.'” The article notes how these women “are infusing what used to be an athletic, or purely practical, pursuit with eye-catching glamour and sex appeal. Their style, a modish amalgam of fashion and function, is documented on blogs and emulated by like-minded sisters on wheels.”

The article goes on to mention that improved infrastructure allows more types of cyclists to ride in NYC, which is becoming an ever more bike-friendly city. Perhaps most interesting is that the improvements have led to a significant increase in the city’s number of women cyclists. In turn, many female riders like the ones depicted in this article are embodying a slower, nonaggressive, more stylish mode of bike riding, and while wearing runway gowns and toting designer bags might be a little extreme, the general direction is toward a more ubiquitous form of transport.

In our opinion, the future of urban cycling will look more like these women than the more masculine archetypes currently found in American cities.


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