Heard of DealSpringer? We’re trying it out.

You’ve probably heard of Groupon, LivingSocial and other promotional online applications that advertise deals for local businesses. DealSpringer is another such application with a few key differences. One, DealSpringer promotes existing deals rather than getting businesses to arbitrarily create one. Another is that users can search all the current deals in a given neighborhood. For instance, if you are shopping for clothing in Fremont, you’ll see deals not only at Hub and Bespoke but also at other shops nearby. Finally, while the exposure from a Groupon deal can be great, it can also be overwhelming as hundreds or thousands of customers make purchases at once.

We like the concept of DealSpringer, which is locally based and in its pilot phase. We’re giving it a try and would appreciate any feedback about our Deal Page or the system in general. Is this interesting to you? Would you use DealSpringer? How might the experience be improved? Thanks and happy deal hunting!


2 thoughts on “Heard of DealSpringer? We’re trying it out.”

  1. Thanks AK. Great to know that Groupon can lead to future business beyond just the initial deal. As an interesting side note, from the standpoint of the business, doing something like Groupon is often tougher for retailers than for service providers, simply because of margins. But this is another case for why it might still make sense.

  2. I like Groupon and the others because the deals are really good. For the record, I have gone to a place on a Groupon the first time and it caused me to go back again full price. But I would try this one too — it can’t hurt to know about the sales going on at local businesses.

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