Handy online bicycle repair guide. So straightforward even we understand it.

You just click on the part you want to learn about. Or like us, can't identify.

We don’t do repairs or maintenance at Hub and Bespoke, because A) we aren’t a bike shop, and B) we don’t know how (at least not well enough to charge people for it). Fortunately, Seattleites are blessed with an abundance of capable mechanics at local bike shops, but some repairs are simple enough to do oneself, which can help you save some cash and get that great “I fixed it myself!” feeling. For such endeavors, we recommend this Bicycle Repair Guide on bicycletutor.com. Useful for novice tinkerers and seasoned repairpersons alike, this click-and-learn guide can help you with everything from fixing a flat tire to overhauling a jockey wheel (whatever that means). So go dig that squeaky steed out of the garage and get down to business, and take comfort knowing that there is plenty of help for any post-op assistance you may need.


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