Product testers wanted!

Lucky you! A new vendor of ours shipped us a knit tee using a wool and polyester blend (specifically, CoolMax® poly). I tried to return it, expressing my abhorrence for such things–polyester in tops, that is–and got a call from the owner of the company. Apparently he’s a big believer in this blend. He asked me to give them away to a group of testers for feedback.

A little backstory: I’m pretty stubborn about textiles and their performance, having worked in the textile industry for 20+ years. In particular I am highly biased against polyester in tops and shirts. Here’s the deal: polyester hates water (aka hydrophobic). This can sometimes be desirable. For instance, because it sheds water, polyester is useful in rainwear. It is also extremely durable, which can be a positive or a negative, depending on useful life-cycle.

But there’s a flip side to the hydrophobic attribute. A material that won’t let water penetrate it means soap can’t get in there either. So even after a wash in the laundry, those smelly little microbes and bacteria will collect in the garment. Add a little body steam and phew, things start cooking. Not so nice in a social setting. I also find that in winter-wear during cooler temps, something that repels water can make me feel pretty clammy.

So, kind of a weird invitation to participate in a product test, but I would appreciate learning from your first-hand experience. This test will span a dozen wearings, and I plan to check in with you every month or so to learn your findings on comfort and care. I’m also interested in how this product might fit your in-city needs.

We have: 1 small, 2 mediums, 2 larges and 1 extra large; some in black, some in dark blue. Shoot us an email at hubandbespoke at gmail dot com if you’re interested. First come, first served, and thanks for reading!


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