Quite possibly the best music video ever made

Here’s a little Labor Day gift from us to you.* I stared speechless at my computer screen for the entire duration of this masterpiece. Mark Ronson and the Business Intl. is my new favorite artist, and this is my personal nomination for the Hub and Bespoke theme song. The list of awesome things about this video is too long to post here, but gee wiz… Look at the ties! The lovely ladies in dresses! And the gingham–oh the gingham! If this doesn’t inspire you to ride your bike this weekend, check your pulse: you may be dead.

Props to Jordon for the forward. Disclaimer: H&B not responsible for any damages due to milk snorting around minute 3:42.

*The YouTube video was removed, so here’s a link to it on LifeLounge. Let me know if it disappears…


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