BBC video on the new bike movement

This is the last segment of a show documenting one guy’s quest to build the perfect bike, which carries him around the world to procure all the necessary components. Along the way he visits amazing factories (Brooks is a highlight), bike friendly cities (Portland gets a big shout out) and even a shrine in Italy for the patron saint of cyclists. Even more fascinating are his detours into bicycle history, covering the origins, rises, falls and re-rises of the bicycle as a means for transport and recreation. The narrator, Rob Penn is a bit of a nut and in the end his coveted steed turns out to be a super speedy road bike, but you have to admire his unbridled passion for all things bike.  If you have 10 minutes, the video above is worth the watch. If you have a full hour, check out the rest of the segments, all available on YouTube in six parts.


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