“We need people who ride bikes, not cyclists”

Friends referred us to this very excellent article by Josh Cohen, Bike Nerd at Publicola, who sums up our philosophy about riding a bike: that it can and should be for the masses, not just the niches. The people riding today are the trailblazers, bravely riding within a transportation system that is not conducive to biking (though it has come a long way). But we’ll know the trail is blazed when the majority of people riding bikes no longer look like cyclists, but like everyday folks, getting to the office, the market, or the movie theater. They will ride not to make a statement–environmental, fashion, political or otherwise–but simply because it is easy, logical, safe and fun. Kudos to Mr. Cohen for framing this point of view succinctly and with a tone of encouragement.


One thought on ““We need people who ride bikes, not cyclists””

  1. Thanks for the link to a really encouraging article! I’m not the stereotypical cycling body type, but my love of riding bikes as a kid, just for fun and then as a teen as mode of transpo has now shifted into being a role model for my kids. Reno has tons of bike riders, big and small. let’s get this movement movin!

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