Grand Opening Post-Op

Hey there! This is an overdue update, and we’ll be posting more soon.

The Grand Opening Party was a hit! It was packed in our little shop, but we were excited to see so many folks come out to support our official launch. See the pics below for the snapshots from the evening. Special thanks are in order: to Erica and Jacqueline for getting the store primed and ready for showtime, Emily for her amazing catering wizardry, Carey for her generous and dialed-in P.R. support, Julian for her outstanding impromptu bar tending, and David for general party prep and for being our all around “3rd partner”.

There are many others who put in time, sweat and thoughtful ideas to get Hub and Bespoke up and running, and so the H&B you know is the product of this fantastic community. We’re thrilled to have them and  you along with us for this ride.

Closing down and gearing up for the big party
Come on in!
People who like bike stuff also tend to like beer. People who don't necessarily like bike stuff like it, too.
People people people. Yay!
And more peeps.
Folks brought pics of inspiring bike images. Lovely, no?

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