“OMG, like, when are you gonna open already?”

We know, we know–we’re supposed to be open by now. We’ve been saying “in the next two weeks” for the last 4 weeks. But that’s how these things go sometimes; little unforeseen hitches come along and add up to delay plans. Just know that we are working hard to get this thing up and running and that we are just as excited about it as you are!

Progress Report: We’re finishing up the build-out inside the space. So far the walls have been patched and painted (thanks to a fantastic volunteer work crew last weekend), most of the inside structures have been built, and the facade has been given a new look (as some of you may have noticed). This week we’ll be figuring out signage, working on the electrical system and hopefully tackling the floors. Then it’s time for fixtures and merchandise. Given that list of to-dos, I’d say we’ll be open in… oh about 2 weeks.

To keep you interested, here’s a glimpse of our facade plans. We’re working with a great signage artist named Marc, principal of Argon Designs. We think the new look will work well with that of our neighbors. Check out the proof below.

Facade, before

Facade, proof


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