Pics of the new space

Thought you might like to see pictures of the space in Fremont, along with shots from the demo work we did the other weekend. Things they are a-happenin’!

What Lenin stares at all day. We have big plans for this facade.
What it used to look like. Mezzanine was separated from back wall to create inventory space.
In the front door and looking to the right. Door goes to a small storage room and this wall is shared with the High Dive.
Looking back toward 36th.
And the demolition begins! Main effort was to tear down the mezzanine to reclaim square footage for retail and open up the space. Todd was the designated monkey man and climbed up to dismantle light fixtures and bash overhead studs.
Shortly after this shot, Jordon, visible behind the mezzanine, flashed his Superman underwear and wrastled the rest of the stick frame down with his bare hands.
The boys cleared it out in under 2 hours. It's much more open now. How 'bout that floor! Lots of potential.
You can see in this shot how much space we gained. Also, that door is a patch for an unused entry way to our neighbors, ToST. Not sure what we'll do with it yet but it's a nice old piece of wood.
One more shot toward the front door.
Our American Gothic shot. Many thanks to Alex, Jordon and Todd for getting up early on a Sunday to help us smash things, and big ups to Big D for taking pictures and project managing the demolition. Now it's time to meet with the designers and start the buildout!

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