Seattle Tweed Ride

London Tweed Ride from Dapper Dan Dash blog

We’re super excited about Seattle’s first Tweed Ride (Feb 21st, noon, Cal Anderson fountain). We got wind of the event from Ryan at Go Means Go, and though we’re still uncertain who’s organizing it, we’re sure it will be a delightful affair full of merriment and mutual enjoyment. If you aren’t familiar, Tweed Rides are local leisurely jaunts wherein participants dress the part of cyclists from a simpler, dare-we-say more civilized era. Read: tweed coats, wool leggings and herringbone patterned caps. We love the classic stylish looks that turn out for these events and we can’t wait to snap photos of all the dapper lads and dashing lasses in attendance. Over the past couple years, these rides have taken place in a number of major cities around the world, including London (the original of course), San Francisco and Chicago. And now it’s Seattle’s turn. Please do join us for the event, and don’t forget your picnic basket! Official announcement on Ryan’s site here. Oh, and if you’re looking for inspiration, check out the flickr roll from the recent Portland Tweed Ride. They got it right.


3 thoughts on “Seattle Tweed Ride”

    1. Hi Windsor. Good question! So far in Seattle, the Tweed Ride has been a volunteer-led effort, so it only happens when someone or some group decides to jump in and coordinate it. I haven’t heard anything about a 2014 ride yet, but I know that T from T Leatherworks has been interested in making the Tweed Ride happen for a while. Maybe he’s still interested and could use a hand with spearheading?

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